Plastic Warriors
Produced and Directed by Amy Tall Chief
The term Squaw, the Washington Redskins, Land-o-Lakes butter, all viewed as a common part of today’s society without regard for the people it hurts and offends.  Plastic Warriors is a 26-minute documentary that calls attention to current American Indian stereotypes.  This video expresses the opinions of 5 Native people originating from different regions.  These 5 express their personal feelings about how society has turned Native people into caricatures, making it difficult for Native Americans to become visible in contemporary society.  Who should be held accountable for the perpetuation of these stereotypes?  What can we as Native people do to deter these issues?  How do we protect our children from being hurt?  Plastic Warriors will heighten your sense of awareness and make you raise an eyebrow the next time you see a Halloween or Hollywood Indian.   
Screenings and Awards for "Plastic Warriors"
Arlene’s Grocery Picture Show, Won “Best Documentary Short 2004” Award presented by Albert Maysles  April 23-36, 2004
NewFilmMakers at the New York Film Anthology as part of the New York Summer Series July 28, 2004
The 4th Annual Human Rights Film Festival as part of the United Nations Association Model UN, Project at Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, CA October 22-24, 2004
MTV/VH1 and Viacom, Part of their Native American Heritage Month Celebration November 18, 2004
NYU/NGO, CSW “Celebrating Women Film and Videomakers” March 5, 2005
The 12th Annual Women of Color Film and Video Festival, University of Santa Cruz, CA, Disrupting Borders: Seeing Silences and Imagining Transformations April 22-24, 2005
The 4th Annual “Blowin’ Up A Spot!” Film Festival: A Woman’s Perspective, Austin, TX April 22-23, 2005
2nd Annual SWIFT Festival, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Alburquerque, NM August 12-14, 2005
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Film & Video Festival, New York City, NY December 2 – 6, 2006
Southern Winds Film Festival, Shawnee, OK September 12 – 16, 2007
Osage Nation Film Festival, Pawhuska, OK First Place Documentary Short, 2008
Ki-Hi-Ka Ste':  Life of Chief George Tall Chief
Produced, Directed and Edited by Amy Tall Chief
Ki-Hi-Ka Ste' is a heartfelt story of one man's journey through life, the many lives he impacted and the legacy that he will leave behind.  At age 94, George Eves Tall Chief is currently the oldest member of the Osage Nation.  At age 9, he survived the murder of his father during the "Reign of Terror."  This event caused him and his 4 younger brothers to be placed into boarding and military schools and were subsequently forced to sign away their land to guardians.  He overcame all of these adversities and became a Teacher, Coach, Superintendent, School Board Member, Professional Rodeo Cowboy, Honoree and contributor to life and history.
George Tall Chief became one of the most poignant Chief's of modern day history, paving the way to our Osage Nation's Sovereignty.  During his 8 years in office, he was one of the First Chief's inducted into the "National Native American Hall of Fame".  He also received the "Peace Chief Award" and was named in "Who's Who" of Business Professionals.  After his 2 terms as Chief he became President of the "First Osage National Council".  The journey to our new form of government, implemented in 2006, was a long and complicated process requiring many people's contributions, including Chief George Tall Chief. 
The Tall Chief family comes from a long line of pioneers who made and are still making their mark in Osage Nation and American History.  To the people of the Osage Nation and others throughout the country, George Eves Tall Chief will always be affectionately referred to as "Chief" or "Coach".  This is his story.
Screenings for Ki-Hi-Ka Ste' (Short Doc Version)
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Film & Video Festival, New York, NY Premiere March 26 - 26, 2009
Southern Winds Film Festival, Shawnee, OK September 11 - 12, 2009
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