Amy Tall Chief                                                SAG/AFTRA Member                            Member of the Osage Nation Film/Television                                                                                                                            
Hitch(Museum Patron)                                        Sony Pictures                                             Andy Tennant
A Lot Like Love(Subway Rider)                       Touchtone Pictures                                         Nigel Cole
Rescue Me(WTC Survivor)                             Canterbury Productions                                 Jace Alexander
Everyday People(restaurant patron)       HBOFilms/Alphaville Urban Romances                   Jim McKay
The Evolution of Men(Hannah)                           WL Production                                             Billy Luther
Dead or in Huntsville(Trixie)                             Dilligaf Production                               Les Branson/Taylor Haydon
Bartender Training Video(Bartender)              Howard Production                                        Howard Heitner
Maid in Manhattan(hotel patron)                      Columbia Pictures                                         Wayne Wang
Sopranos(protester)                                      Time Warner Production                                  HBO October 2002
Dieliebenden Von Alexanderplatz               Telefilm, Berlin Germany                                Pinball Productions           
Martin and Orloff(Upper Eastside Mother)  BellaDonna Productions                                       Larry Blume
Third Watch(high school administrator)    Warner Brothers Television                                 Season Finale’
Walker, Texas Ranger(Secretary)                     Amadea Production                                           Recurring 
Gebuertih                                                    Azpekt Telefilm, Berlin Germany                    Pinball Productions
Curse of the Starving Class(hotel guest)      Starving Class Production                                 Michael McCleary
Only In America                                             Conspiracy Film Production                               Rusty Martin
Island City                                                            MDT Production                                          Jorge Montesi
Dangerous Curves                                            Lorimar Production                                      Several Episodes

Music Video
Shaggy                        “Strength of a Woman”                Anonymous Content Production                          

Fatal Deception (Marina Oswald)       Stand-In for Helena Bonham Carter  Lakeside Production     Robert Dornhelm

The Lesser Wars(Sky Woman Festival)                        Tecoyo                                           Henry Street Settlement
Nap Time                                                                             Ariel                                            The Inner-Space
Sunsets                                                                            Barbara                                          The Inner-Space   
Harvest Ceremony 96,97,98     Aunt Molly/Spirit of the Past/Squant/Sisiter/Theresa WhiteOakAD/SM    NMAI-GGHC
Not on Christmas Eve                                                      Paula                                             The Inner-Space
Surrender the Heart                                                        Jennifer                                           
In the Spirit                                                                        Eva                                                AICH Circle
Pizza Man                                                                          Julie                                               AICH/Showcase
SOHO(staged TV Pilot)                                                 Summara                                         The Westbank Cafe
Audience                                                                      Helena                                                The Sergeant
                                                                             The Early Years
A Chorus Line                                                             Kristine                                                     Main Street
Dead or in Huntsville                                                   Trixie                                                     Swiss Avenue
You Can’t Trust The Male                                       Laura Spivey                                      UTA Mainstage(list below)
Dreamin’ On A Summer Night                                  Hippolyta                                                 
Working                                                                  Sharon/Roberta                                          
Baby With The Bathwater                                         Helen/Susan                                             
The Odd Couple(female version)                                Renee                                                                                                    
                     other roles available upon request (though there are so many, I can't remember them all)
           BFA in Theater Arts from University of Texas, Arlington - Focus on Performance, Directing, Costuming         University of Hawaii at Manoa - Focus on Dancing, Kim Dawson Studio - Television & Commercial Study            
Creative Arts Theater and School-Various Studies, Third World Newsreel Filmmaking Program 
Native American Cultural Educator/Consultant, Bicycling, Swimming, Waterskiing, Technical Theater, good with animals and children, Osage Ribbonwork, Beadwork, Sewing, Native American Dancing(Cloth and Buckskin), 8 years Bartending & Bar Management experience, All Aspects of Event Planning and Entertainment Booking since 1996